Effective Arguments Essay

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Persuasive Speech This speech was said by Terrell Owens, which consisted of his answers to the press in his post game interview. It was during the playoffs where the Dallas Cowboys were predicted to go to the Super Bowl. The Giants, who did not even come close to the Cowboy’s regular season record, beat the Cowboys: ultimately eliminating the Cowboys from the Super Bowl. Terrell Owens is the Cowboys best wide receiver and worked amazingly with the quarterback Tony Romo. They had a brotherly relationship and so the main point in his answers was to stress that their loss was a loss as a team. Owens wanted everyone to know that you cannot blame the Cowboys loss on Tony Romo and his vacation with his fiancé Jessica Simpson. He stressed the fact that the Cowboys lost as a team. Analysis I believe Owens’ argument worked very well because first he without even having to say it, has substantial credibility in his achievements. People all around the nation already know him as being a superstar athlete who got an unimaginable amount of touchdowns. Because so many people respected him, the audience, such as me, believed in all the aspects he talked about. Second he used logos by giving specific examples of the reasons why the Cowboys lost. He spoke of certain plays that didn’t end up working and explained how each and every person on the roster wanted the win with a burning passion. This than leads into his use of pathos. He knew that the media always needs to find someone to blame and knew that the media would blame everything on Tony Romo. The media often said that Romo gets too distracted with Jessica Simpson and doesn’t focus on the game. The media also ridiculed his recent vacation with her before the playoffs. When the media asked Owens what Romo could have done differently, he starts getting really emotional and said that “It’s Unfair.” He repeats these words

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