Effective Advertising in America Essay

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Effective Advertising in America Product advertising is everywhere! It is impossible to turn on the television, drive down the road or open a magazine without seeing some form of advertising. Advertising plays a pivotal role in the business industry. Advertising is important for the health, safety, and prosperity of consumers. Advertising started in the 1890's by George Eastman. He spent $750,000 on advertising in 1899 (page 122). Other companies realized the positive effect of advertising and marketing and they followed suit. Advertising allows companies to get important information regarding their products out to the public. As with everything there is a positive and a negative side. The difference between positive advertising and negative advertising is simple. A positive advertisement puts the focus on providing helpful information about the product. The product should be able to stand on its own with its successes. How the product works and enhances one's life should be the highlight. Negative advertising will focus on the failure of other products. The focus will highlight similar products shortcomings and not the improvements that their product could make to one's life. It also encourages consumers to purchase products that they want and not need. Advertising is important because it allows the consumers to see what products are available. Of course, advertisers tend to be partial but consumers are smart enough to see through fluff. However, the key component is quality and not quantity. There is a fine line between over advertising and advertising just enough. Consumers crave information but they also do not want to be overburdened with information. For example, people purchase magazines for articles but the number of advertisements usually outnumbers actual articles. The advertising with the Super Bowl is another example of over advertising with an

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