Effect of Team Work Quality on Productivity

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Outline 1. Teamwork: a. Teamwork Quality (TWQ) i. TWQ Attributes. ii. Team members’ success. b. Team Work Effectiveness. i. Factors affecting Effectiveness. ii. Supervisors’ role in Effectiveness. 2. Performance: a. Employee i. Job satisfaction. b. Organization i. Productivity. ii. Profits. 3. Effect of Teamwork Quality on Employees’ Productivity. a. How team work improves employees performance 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 What happens when an individual takes out some task? What happens when a team takes out the same task? Teams not only involve simultaneous individual actions, but the coordination between team members can highly raise the productivity and efficiency and get the task done a lot faster. Taking out tasks or doing jobs in teams highly motivate people and encourage them to give their best to get the job done (Cohen, Levesque, 1991, 487). So many literatures suggest that Teamwork can lead to success in projects saying that good teamwork leads to good projects (Hoegl, Gemueden, 2001, 435). In the West, there has been great interest in teamwork by corporations although they do not have such great hopes for teamwork to increase efficiency. 1.2 Team work quality is positively related to employees productivity and satisfaction 2. Literature review 2.1 Team Work Quality Teamwork Quality (TWQ) is the quality of interaction and communication between team members. 2.1.1 TWQ Attributes It has six attributes that measures that quality of interaction; communication, coordination, balance of member contributions, mutual support, effort, and cohesion. Communication is the main attribute of TWQ. It is how team members manage to exchange information between each other. Communication is measured according to standards of frequency, formalization, structure, and openness of information change. Effective communication found

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