Effect Of Television On Children Essay

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My son, Landen Jacob Reitmeyer, will be twenty-one months old next month on December 12. Ever since he was a baby, the only show I could get him to watch and would calm him down is Barney. It was the only show that had bright colors and loud music, used in ways that would really catch his attention, which it still does to this day. As Calvert (2008) observed these "attention getting production features are designed to attract children's interest in commercial content" (p.205). As soon as Landen hears the beginning theme song, he stops what he's doing and finds the television. It just amazed me how excited one little child could get over a show. When it came time to plan his first birthday party, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I searched around for months trying to find a Barney character to hire for his party. After a lot of time and effort I finally was successful. Jokers in Livonia was the only place in this area who would do his party, I was so excited. They had been doing parties for years. A woman I work with had hired them for her son's birthday twenty years ago. We went to Florida the week before his birthday, so we got back the day before his party. I was so excited to see the look on his face when Barney arrived at his party. When Barney finally arrived at the party Landen did not know what to do. He was very nervous and excited. It took him a while to warm up to Barney but when he did, Landen had a lot of fun because he was, as Scharrer (2007) observed "growing up in the contemporary world means immersion in the sights and sounds supplied by the television and computer". As Landen has gotten older, it truly make me so happy to see the look on his face of excitement as soon as he hears the Barney theme song come on. He starts clapping and jumping up and down screaming, "Baaaneeyyy". Anderson (2006) claimed that young children have a difficult
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