Effect of Technology Essay

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Effect of Technology People respect and love technology because without the technology advances the world would not be achieving what it is today. Human life is more comfortable like than never before. There is almost no place that technology has not been used. Technology affects people daily life in everything that we can do. What people do not understand is that technology can be an admirable thing and hurtful thing. Technology had significantly impact on affected a human being like communication, transport system, the health care system, education and entertainment. All generation before us must have satisfied when they learnt how to create a new different thing. They hardly worked lead us to technology. Technologies are helping to increase in communication and become closer with each other because allow people to communicate with each other more easily. We could discover the impact of the present transport system to people in their daily life for instance a car, train, airplane, and so on. For example, driving a car can be the best things for those students and working people who are fighting for time. Technology is helping people to entertainment in many ways like the Internet, video game, movies and television show. Education has a lot of benefit from the technology that help student learn to use modern technology and improve their self-esteem to become more technical skilled. Google had significant impacted human being, which I think it is the hearts of knowledge nowadays. Today, the health system based totally on technology. All the equipment we have tested to diagnosis health issues which comes from through this revolution of technology. For example, we can see how technology makes diabetics easily to check their blood at home. There are many remarkable technologies which I think make peoples life extremely easily I could not cover all on this topic like

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