Effect of Student Behavior and Drug Activity

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Student behavior and Drug activity really affects the school system in a major way because children who misbehave in school aren’t on track and they always disturb or distract other students inside the educational environment. “Many children display inappropriate or problem behaviors in the classroom which can make it difficult for them to learn, cause harm to the child or others and isolate the child from his or her peers (New York University School of Medicine).”So when students misbehave it may cause them to lack in learning and can cause them to fail classes, and whatever behavior the student is displaying may hurt the child or other students inside the classroom or the child may be banned from class activities or lessons because of his or her behavior. Student behavior and drug activity is a major problem effecting the educational process in the school system because more students are misbehaving and getting involved in drugactivity which contributes to their bad grades. To narrow down misbehavior and prevent drug activity, more strict punishment policies should be enforced such as televising classrooms, mandatory pat downs, school drug tests, etc., and students should be given correctional classes such as behavioral rehab, also better security placement in school and around the schools perimeter. “Children’s high school behavior is dependent upon many factors, including how well they do academically, what their home life is like and what discipline they are used to(eHow driven by Demand Media).” Some students misbehave and may display harmful behavior verbally and physically because their upset about the things that are going on in their household and having to think about it while in school is very disturbing because students are too focused on the outside situations rather than focusing on their school work and how to behave in a classroom. Other students

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