Effect of Perception on Purchasing of Laptop Essay

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Purpose: This paper based on purchasing of laptop, what kind of different attribute were used by me before purchasing of laptop. Whether it is related to perception regarding towards that brand and what perceived value I have towards that brand. Also refer to the pattern, which is observed in emerging economies. When I want to buy new laptop after coming to IIM Raipur, I went have various options to new laptop and I want to choose which laptop is most suitable for me and suffice my work. Here we are applying EKB (Engel Kollat Blackwell) model. Step1: Decision process stage: This process focus on 5 basic decision processes: 1) Problem recognition: My problem started when my old laptop get crash and its stop working and I don’t have another gadget which will suffice my work of computer. Here at IIM Raipur laptop/computer is most important thing as being a student. All kind of assignment we need to submit online or in soft copy. Sometimes our paper also require laptop, in this situation it is very difficult for me to submit assignment. At same all of my batch mates need to submit their assignment as well. After this entire scenario it is my primary need to buy a laptop as soon as possible. All these assignment and exam are important part of curriculum at IIM Raipur. 2) Search: After identifying problem now I need to search a perfect laptop which will help me throughout my curriculum and in future. So I made search for various models of laptop which are widely available in the market. All laptop have different configuration and they all are made for different purpose. Here I need to select best option for laptop. 3) Evaluation of Alternative: when I was searching for laptop I have various options available. I can buy those different alternative and they will fulfil my objective. I can

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