Effect of Movie on Youth Essay

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------------------------------------------------- Effective time-management-important-vs-urgentPresentation Transcript * EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT TRAINING WORKSHOP * Renew yourself regularly * Objective of the Training * Prioritize Effectively with Multitasks * Manage and Control Crises * Values Clarification with Superiors and Subordinates * Increase Productivity * Reduce your Stress Levels * Balance Work and Personal Priorities * Prioritize, and do the most important things first. * Define your mission and goals in life. * “ Change is Universal… Change is Permanent…. Be ever willing to Change….. For, change alone leads you to success and happiness!!!” * Pareto’s Principle (80/20 Rule) * 80% of Work gives 20% Results & 20% of Work gives 80% Results * One Rs.500/- v/s Hundred Rs.5/- * Effective v/s Efficient * Smart work v/s Hard work * . Crisis . Pressing problems . Deadline-driven projects, meetings, preparations . Preparation . Prevention . Values clarification . Planning . Relationship building . True re-creation . Empowerment . Interruptions, some phone calls . Some mail, some reports . Some meetings . Many proximate, pressing matters . Many popular activities . Trivia, busywork . Some phone calls . Time wasters . “Escape” activities . Irrelevant mail . Excessive TV I II III IV Urgent Not Urgent Important Not Important Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix * Quadrant I * Represents things that are both “urgent” and “important” – we need to spend time here * This is where we manage, we produce, where we bring our experience and judgment to bear in responding to many needs and challenges. * Many important activities become urgent through procrastination, or because we don’t do enough prevention and planning * Quadrant II

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