Effect of Internet as Advisement, Ebanking and Shopping Essay

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Discuss the effect of the Internet by advertisements, e-bank and shopping Zhuzhouzhou It is generally recognized that in modern society, the internet have been significantly increasing in its popularity and expanding at amazing rate. Also, it plays an increasing key in many aspects for businesses which include charities and educational material on the internet. Then, the Internet is regarded as a great stage which is developed people careers and made dissemination in communication all around the world. A sizable percentage of people strongly hold the opinions that the internet brings a huge positive contribution to our life, while a minority of people strongly claim that its drawbacks should not be ignored. As far as, I am concerned, the effect of the internet is to accelerate society and it also changes our quality of life to be better and better. In this essay, I will analyse the advantages which include advertisements, shopping, E-bank and potential disadvantages which are shopping and e-bank from the internet brings to our life. Those who go along with the internet hold that it has a lot of advantages. The internet growth has become an integral of successful development in this world. Also, it is more common that a variety range of advertisements are advocated and operated in many parts of the internet. In general, it is more popular on the internet that commercial advertisement is operated. The purpose of commercial advertisement regards an effective way to help advertiser increased their consumption of products. In the first place, it is reasonable that the expenditure of making advertisement is on the internet. Then, the most important factor is that a majority of people use the internet around the world and can see the advertisements. In fact, many advertising companies use moving pictures for their advertisements which often can attract people eyes. The

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