Effect of Ict in Teaching Essay

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Saint Vincent’s Colleges Term Paper Summer Class The Effect of ICT in Teaching Submitted by: Nur Emrush P. Sarmiento MAED Student Submitted to: Dr. Rosa A. Albino Ed.D Professor Introduction In educational reforms the teacher is the last but most crucial chain in the process of educational change. However when considering ICT related innovations in education we cannot conceive teachers as isolated actors. Teachers follow routines that they have learnt during pre-service training and on the job, they are required to implement curricular objectives and contents that quite often are formally established, they work within the constraints of the school organization having fixed lesson tables, etc. Innovations that require teachers to change many aspects of their daily routines are very demanding for them. Complex innovations can only be successful if a number of interacting conditions are met. As the integration of ICT is believed to be so crucial for the welfare and well-being of our future generations and because teachers play such an essential role, the following questions need to be addressed: 1. What is the impact of ICT on the work of teachers and their working conditions? 2. Are there ways that ICT can improve the effectiveness of the work of teachers? 3. What types of ICT-skills do teachers need? 4. Which policies and programs seem to be effective to prepare and motivate teachers for their role in education for the information society? These are the kind of questions that already since the early introduction of computers in education are confronting policy-makers, researchers, teacher trainers and of course the teachers themselves. The reader should be aware that 20 years of research have not yet provided a recipe that has led to a large-scale integration of ICT in the lesson practices of teachers. Rather the result of experimentation,
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