Effect Of Eating Fast Food Essay

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Lakeitia Dowdy ENG 102 Cause and Effect Essay February 12, 2012 The Effects of Eating Fast Food In the past people all around the world use to eat healthier, before Fast Food restaurants came along. But today however, many people especially children will eat a hamburger, or French fries before eating healthy meal. Some of us may not even think about the consequences it may bring if we chose to eat Fast Food every day. Many reasons have proven that fast food can affect our lives. Some would say it is because of weight gain, cost, or maybe even our overall health. Fast Food Restaurants causes many of us to gain weight if we do not know how to control our habit of eating it. Fast Food can be so tempting to have every day that you lose the desire to want to cook at home. Many people including myself love to have the taste of Big Mac, chicken sandwich, or even a large French fry instead of slaving over a hot stove. My weight gain has grown every day since I decided to eat out. Fast food has caused many women and men to suffer from obesity over the years and also to develop high cholesterol and fats to damage our health. This is one of the things that I will talk about a little later on within the essay. The next reason how fast food can affect our lives is through cost. Many of us spend more money eating out to fast food, then buying grocery to eat and cook for the household. We need plenty of budgeting our money and less tossing it off on food that is not healthy for us. We spend a fortune on eating out every day, while other families that cannot afford to eat out every day wishes that could enjoy a takeout meal. Some would say that, “It is a waste of money to eat out every day.” Fast food has gone up over the last years due to the major drop in the economy. The reason is that they half to maintain their profits in order to keep their

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