Effect Of Eating To Much Fast Food Essay

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Effect of Eating to Much Fast Food Eating is very vital to survive, but when you begin to eat to much fast food there are many effects that can take place. One of the most obvious being that you will gain wait. You also lose energy. This happens because the muscles in your stomach use your energy to digest the food that you consumed. Also, fast food has a much higher energy density than other foods. Energy density is the amount of calories that a food contains compared to its weight. By eating to much fast food you will be consuming to many calories and this will cause you to gain weight. This will make you very unhealthy. It can also lead to many diseases such as diabetes. Having this disease will cause great stress on your life. Having to do many things such as testing your blood sugar. Have you ever noticed that you lose a lot of energy after eating fast food? This is because the muscles in your stomach use up energy that would normally be used to do daily activity. The effects that fast food have on your body are not Also fast food has a lot of oxidized fat. Studies have shown that oxidized fat increases the amount of fat that gets backed up in your arteries. Our bodies require more fiber and healthy fats than is received through fast food meals. The portions of fast food restaurants are also way larger than is needed to provide the necessary amount of energy. By eating a Big Mac the body consumes almost twice as many calories as you would if you ate the same weight of pasta or salad. The fast food business is adding to the epidemic of obesity in the United States. Eating to much fast food can cause you to have serious problems that will cause more stress in your life. It is healthier to cut mostly all fast food out of your diet. None of the effects that happen due to an increased amount of fast food are positive, so all in all

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