Ef1 Cultural Studies And Diversity Task 2 Paper

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Running head: EFP1 CULTURAL STUDIES & DIVERSITY TASK 2 1 EFP1 Cultural Studies & Diversity Task 2 Cody O’Dea Western Governors University Running head: EFP1 CULTURAL STUDIES & DIVERSITY TASK 2 2 Opening Statement With the ever changing cultural landscape that is the National Football League, it is our jobs in the front office to keep this league up to date with appropriate diversity practices. I have prepared a report for Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football league to improve upon our communication practices and sharpen our diversity skills. Demographic Changes Many demographic…show more content…
As relationships build, and understanding of each other increases, language barriers begin to disappear. Language barriers can diminish over time when people spend more and more time together. The final diversity skill, conflict management, will be implemented through bi-annual group trainings which emphasize conflict management education and role playing. I have hired a conflict management team that will host these seminars. Conflict has been inevitable over the last 30 years I have worked for the NFL. Not all of our employees have the appropriate skills to effectively deal with many of the conflicts that arise. One of the greatest benefits I foresee coming out of these trainings is the decline of frivolous office lawsuits that arise due to ineffective conflict management skills. Also, we have had to let go of a lot of solid employees who were unable to be professional in a conflict situation. Better conflict management will boost morale and ensure a more professional work environment. Implementing these diversity skills will take work but the benefits they will produce for our league will be extremely

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