Eer Er Ee Re Er Essay

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Aidan Escheik Extra Credit 1/25/12\ Muscle Fatigue and Soreness from Lactic Acid Strenuous- Requiring or involving the use of great energy or effort Deprivation- Dispossession or lose Fatigue- Weariness from bodily or mental exertion Phosphocreatine- A compound of phosphoric acid and creatine found in vertebrate muscle Depleted- To use up something When working out or using your muscle to do something strenuous you use energy. This is because in order for your muscles to contract your muscles need energy. Your muscles get the energy it needs from ATP. ATP gets its energy from cellular respiration. Cellular respiration involves breaking down sugars, fats, proteins and any other molecule that has energy. During extremer/intense exercising the oxygen brought to your muscle cells is limited. When this happens glucose is converted into lactic acid and fewer ATP molecules are made. The more and harder you work out the faster you use ATP. So fast that it can’t remake the ATP you’ve used. Then lactic acid starts to accumulate and your muscles start to get deprived of oxygen. Your muscles will eventually run out of ATP to run off of and you will need to tone down your exercise so your muscles have time to create the ATP you need to keep going. Why was this article interesting to me? This article was very interesting to me because I like to engage myself in high intensity workouts. It was fun learning about why I get sore and start to feel a burning pain after I finish an exercise. Now I know what I can do to give my muscles time to regain the much needed ATP that it had

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