Eeoc vs. Waffle House Inc. - Legal Paper Analysis

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Is EEOC’s control to circumvent mandatory arbitration contracts and decide damages appropriate? Are you protected by having your employees agree that any dispute or claim concerning their employment would be settled by binding arbitration? Many employers ask employees to sign arbitration agreements, in which they are required to give up their right to sue in court over job-related issues such as wrongful termination, breach of contract, and discrimination. An employee who signs an arbitration agreement promises to pursue any legal claims against the employer through arbitration, rather than through a court case. But a federal law enforcement agency called EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has the power to file discrimination suits against employers on behalf of alleged victims and to arbitrate claims of discrimination faced. This questions what importance and significance the employment contract holds where it’s clearly stated that all disputes are to be handled by binding arbitration. This could mean that the employer can face arbitration with the employee and litigation with EEOC that violates the original contract. Also, EEOC has the authority to decide which claim is appropriate and which claim serves public interest and I don’t agree with that 100%. In this official legal analysis paper, I would like to evaluate EEOC vs. Waffle house, which is the back bone of my paper along with my analysis and vision and EEOC’s outlook on importance of contracts with the help of their trial attorney. As we know this case is about Eric Baker who was fired from his grill operator position at the Waffle House Inc. soon after he suffered a seizure at work. As a Waffle house employee, he had signed an employment application containing mandatory arbitration agreement. Following his sudden termination, Baker approached EEOC and filed a charge of discrimination with

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