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Materiality and our key sustainability drivers “Sustainability is not a reaction to our risks. It is our core value” S. D. Shibulal, Chief Operating Officer and Director Sustainability is an integral part of our PSPD model for our business operations. We have been conducting business in the most ethical and transparent manner. We not only believe in abiding by our social contract with our customers but also ensure that it encompasses all our stakeholders. We subscribe to the principles of the UN Global Compact and the United Nations Development Fund for Women’s Empowerment (UNIFEM). We participated in forums organized by these UN bodies to show support and imbibe their best practices. We have formulated our Sustainability Policy this year to aid us in articulating the steps for building a diverse social and ethical workplace, working towards a sustainable ecosystem and improving our stakeholder value. This has helped us focus on our sustainability strategy and vision and align our goals effectively. In FY 2009-10, we identified Sustainable tomorrow as one of our strategic themes with Social Contract, Resource Efficiency and Green Innovation as our focus areas. While we abide by our social contract with all our stakeholders for achieving sustained growth, we continue to focus on the other two tracks – (i) improving resource efficiency in our operations; as a first step, we monitor electricity at a granular level at all our office locations; (ii) collaborating with our customers on green innovation to offer solutions in areas of smart grid, intelligent infrastructure and datacenters, and helping them achieve their sustainability goals. SETLabs, our research and innovation lab, continues to focus on developing smart and sustainable solutions to improve the business and operational performance of our customers. For details on the Sustainable tomorrow theme and its

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