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Edwards’s sermon would’ve been week if he hadn’t added persuasive techniques or show emotional appeal. He grabs the audience attention when he does this, It actually makes me continue to read the story and pay attention and stay at on the edge of my seat. When he was stating emotional appeal it made the reader want to connect with what he’s saying. If Edwards hadn’t used any technique the sermon would have really been dry and weak, just imagine no emotional appeal no persuasive no mood the sermon would be actually useless. Everyone would lose any interest what so ever in it and it would just be boring no one wants anything that is just ridiculously boring. Edwards provokes out full force when he talks about “it comes to condemning the sinfulness of human beings. Those who belong in the 'unrepentant' category may be those who are outwardly wicked and reject God or they might be people who are complacent.” (par.3) could belong to a community of people who believe and they think they can ride that community's or family's coattails to avoid judgment. That’s just a perfect example of this emotional appeal. All in all what I’ve understood by this sermon is that Edwards appeals that whatever you possibly do that’s a bad can lead to you going to hell. “Your wickedness makes you as it were heavy as lead , and tend downwards with great weight and pressure towards hell:”(par.4) It keeps on going with him if you’re not careful or sensible you will be kept in hell forever. And I take a lot of in from this

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