Edward Thomas as the Team's Head Brass

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Critical Essay on As the Team's Head Brass by Edward Thomas. Overall, the writer is commenting on war and how war has affected society. The writer talks about how things are changing due to the war. Also, the theme of time passing is important to the poem. The writer tries to pass away time by using small talk which is effective because it also reinforces change: 'about the weather, next about the war.' At the beginning of the stanza, the writer is talking about a farmer ploughing a field and when the horse turns around the brass flashes in the sun. He then moves on to talk about the horse coming towards him, and that he felt like the horse was going to stand on him: 'every time the horses turned instead of treading me down...' Half way through the poem, the writer uses some dialogue to show small talk about the war. Throughout the dialogue the characters talk about war, and how war has affected workers and the farm. The characters start to talk about someone who died in the war. The use of the dialogue gives it verisimilitude, which is effective because it emphasises the realism of war, at the time that this poem was written. The end of the poem, the writer talks about how he watches the ploughman walk of once again. Throughout, the poem we learn of how the war has disappeared. The use of the quote 'the lovers disappeared into the wood' is effective as it allows the reader to know straight away that the war has changed the way people are. However, what has once gone will come back again when the time is right. We then learn of the poet using small talk to pass the time way: 'about the weather, next about the war.' This is effective because this allows the reader to know that the poet and others have turned to talking small talk for the time to go faster than it is. The poem then turns into a narrative poem as we learn more about what the poet and a
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