Edward Snowden Essay

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I would argue for Edward Snowden because he helped people. He let people know what was happening with their personal conversations and information. I think that people should know what is going on in the society and the government. If I was him I would tell everyone I know and tell a person that has column in the newspaper. And encourage the people that I told to tell others and I would try to send a letter to the president of the United States. Edward Snowden is a good man for telling people what happened between their conversations. National security Agency leaker Edward Snowden has been voted person of the year by the readers of The Guardian, a British newspaper. Mr. Snowden walked away with the award, winning 1,445 votes of the more than 3,500 people who voted, the newspaper said. It's an honor bestowed not necessarily on the best person of the year, but on the most influential figure. The one who's touched the largest number of people in the most profound way. If I was Edward Snowden I would tell people the things I know epically family and friends. Some people would love to know this information and spread it to the community. He was a smart man because he told something that could change the world and people. The people were glad to know that they were being listened to and monitored. Some people say it was the true HOOHA for the community and those who went for it. The political views in the news in a column will be positive because the people who listened to his confession loved it. He is going to be protected because the people go with the things that he says. The police are going to investigate more and he is going to be put on trial. He should not be put in jail because he told stuff that was confidential to the CIA and the NASA. Snowden’s Russian lawyer says the thirty year old is about to start working for a prominent Russian technology company.

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