Edward Scissorhands Comared With A Cage Of Butterflies-Techniques

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ENGLISH ESSAY INTRODUCTION The novel “A Cage of Butterflies” by Brian Caswell and the movie Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton encompass the same theme of being an “outsider”. The novel and the film both use distinctive techniques which evoke an empathetic response. The novel itself is a convoluted yet understandable story of the five telepathical babies, seven high talented adolescents, two sympathetic staff and two ruthless scientists. The movie, also which strongly emphasis the theme of being different, is about an inventor who invented a man, Edward, but died before he finished Edward’s hands, so Edward is left with “Scissorhands”. PARAGRAPH 1 – FILM In the movie, Edward Scissorhands, the symbolic code of colour and technical code of camera angles are not yet only used to support the dominant discourse, but also to make a clear aspect of Edward’s difference to the society. Burton uses a technical code in which the camera is shotted from the castle’s window showing all of houses look insignificant. Use of colour such as the repetition of all the houses, yards as greenish colour and houses being in one colour encourage viewer with the conformity of town. Furthermore, the bright colour of the suburbia and dark and doomed image of Gothic castle present how award the individual can be seen in such town. Then Edward, a pale, scarred face, weird hair, black clothes and “scissor” hands appeared. “Don’t go.” Edward said when he first saw Peg and Peg were about leaving. This shows he doesn’t want to be lonely and which made the viewers sympathetic. PARAGRAPH 2 –BOOK In “A Cage of butterflies” the main technique is the way Caswell alternates between first and third person. Throughout this novel all the odd chapters have been first person using different characters from the story and the even chapters are all third person with the narrator telling the story. This is an

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