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The 1990 movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’ presented viewers with a cynical view of mankind. It provides all spectators with a negative view on how we live, work, and communicate. The characters in Edward Scissorhands are all stereotypes of human kind. The women in this movie are portrayed as typical desperate housewives. They do the cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids, gossip over the phone, have cups of coffee at each others houses and none of them do anything out of the ordinary. The men go to work at nine and return home at five, then they sit down and have dinner with their family. The husbands are the head of the house, they lay down rules and regulations. None of this actually occurs in the real world. Women aren’t all stay at home mums, and not all of men have a job or a family. These are examples of stereotypes families as seen in common suburbia. The street in which the movie is set in is the type of neighborhood you would expect to see in a children’s picture book or a fairytale. The houses are lined up fittingly and everything seems almost plastic, like somewhere where Barbie and Ken would live. The houses are all a pastel colour and as you see when you get further into the movie there is nothing extraordinary about them. Within the house there is a sitting room with a basic television, an ordinary kitchen, and all the bedrooms lined up down the corridor. The garden has a neat lawn, some flowers and bushes, a wash line and a barbeque. This is an example of the things houses in suburbia are seen to duplicate. The house had no character at all and it certainly does not replicate the common houses in the existent world. Most homes have a little rubble, more things scattered around and a lot more bits and pieces. We all do not have a plain house with the simple accessories and all of our lawns are defiantly not pruned to

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