Edward Scissorhands Essay

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Edward Scissorhands Creates Romance In Tim Burton’s somewhat dramatic film Edward Scissorhands is the story of a bashful yet ignorant man "created" with scissors for hands trying to live in the suburbs with people he doesn’t fit well with (after being discovered in a mansion's attic by a woman named Peg). Clearly this story creates a certain mood of acceptance and romance. Edward goes through his life in the suburbs without a care in the world about how people think about him. He always kept to himself and believes that he is just like everyone else. Later on in the film he discovers a girl that he likes and tries to make himself known. Edward Scissorhands creates a mood of romance by using non-diegetic sounds, eye-line matches, and diegetic sounds. To begin with, the director used non-diegetic sound to create a romantic mood within the story of Edwards’s life. Non-diegetic sounds are sounds used to create dramatic effect ,played in the background. The non-diegetic sounds that were used in the movie were sounds that signify that someone has feelings for another and/or are falling in love with them. Non-diegetic sounds were a main part of adding to the romance feeling of Edward Scissorhands. A few of the many non-diegetic sounds were used during the snow scene while Edward was making an ice sculpture of Kim during the season of Christmas. When Kim saw the "snow" that was falling from making Warner 2 from the ice sculpture, she had noticed how special Edward was to her. She admired the little amount of snow that Edward was making that she was dancing around in it. While she was dancing non-diegetic sounds was playing in the background. This sound was used to show that she developed/was developing feelings towards
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