Edward Jenner Essay

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Edward Jenner (1749-1823) I. Edward Jenner was born in Berkely, Gloucestershire on May 18, 1749, and the son of a local vicar. At the age of 14, he was apprenticed to a local surgeon and then trained in London. In 1772, he returned to Berkely and spent the rest of his life in a native town. II. Edward Jenner-English Doctor, father of the immunology A. The era that Edward Jenner Positively impacted was the 1700’s. B. He lived and worked in Berkeley, Gloucestershire most of his career and rest of his life. III. Edward Jenner impacted the world because his vaccination for small pox. He contributed to saving many lives by vaccinating 300 people a day and cases of smallpox decreased. A. Jenner was compelled to try these inventions because he had all this theory’s and now has the material to take on his experiment. B. While trying out his vaccinations from one patient to the next Jenner promoted the practice of vaccination in England. IV. Jenner was widely ridiculed for his accomplishments. Critics, especially the clergy from the animal hospitals and injection clinics had to inject vaccinations into someone else. People complained about how inventions are completed when they realize it works and in fact saves lives. V. Edward Jenner was born on May 17, 1749 in the small village of Berkeley Gloustershire. From an early age Jenner was a keen observer of nature. Firstly, Jenner worked in a rural community and most of his patients were farmers. In the 18th century smallpox was a very bad disease that was killing and taking over millions of people’s lives. It all started because a girl by the name of Sarah Nelmes came to him with smallpox, she was a milkmaid. She had sores and blisters on her hands, legs and feet. Jenner hadn’t crossed anyone with smallpox this bad and who was willing to let him test
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