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EDWARD HOPPER REPORT Introduction Edward Hopper is a realist painter best known for capturing the 20th-century American scene. He incorporates perspective realistically with strong lines and strong and contrasting shadows to create a moody, lonely feeling. His work often includes man-made structures (painted with bold lines) to represent the presence of people but also the absence of people at the time. Hopper is also praised for his capability to capture awkwardness or silence between two people in his scenes, which also represent loneliness and maybe even boredom. Biography • Birth date: 22 July 1882 • Birth place: Hudson River town of Nyack, New York State • Facts: -Middle class - His father owned a dry goods store • Education/Training: -studied at the New York School of Illustrating (more prestigious New York School of Art) and studied under American realist Robert Henri, William Merritt, Robert Henri and Kenneth Hayes Miller. Hopper then went on to study in Paris • Life experiences: -he found it hard becoming successful until the age of 40 -worked in commercial illustrating to support himself, which he hated - 1923: he sold his first painting - 1924: married Josephine Nivison (another painter) - showing work with prominent art dealer; Frank Rehn - 1933: first exhibition - Travelled a lot and got inspiration from solitary wandering in New York -1956: featured on cover of Times magazine - 1967: represented the United States in the prestigious Sao Paolo Biennal - He died at the age of 84 Edward Hopper’s Historical Content • Social Influences: - raised in small town (isolated, loss of community in the urban modern age that was New York City)

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