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2+Palesa Adams 4/29/2013. Bio: Edward Hopper was born in July 22, 1882 in Nyack New York, he was a quintessential realist painter of the 20th Century America. He was the most popularly known for his oil painting, he was equally proficient s a watercolorist and printmaker in etching. His parent was Dutch ancestry. His wife was Elizabeth Hopper they shared two children together. Edward and his only sister attended both private and public school they were raise strict Baptist. Edward Hopper died in his studio near Washington Square in New York City on May 15th 1967. Description: The artist name is Edward Hopper. The title of this artwork is Nighthawks and its dated 1942. It’s a medium oil piece on canvas. I see on this piece two men wearing dark color suits and hats one smoking a cigarette, a red hair lady wearing a bright red gown and appears to be eating food, a male server wearing all white uniform and a paper hat. I also see triangle shape counter top with bar stools surrounding it. A rectangle shape door with a small glass piece and two cylinder shape pot upright against the wall. The subject matter of this piece is city life late-night. This artwork is landscape canvas. Analysis: The foreground is bright fluorescent light illuminates the front exterior, interior and the background is predominantly dark color. The arrangement of the picture balance, emphasis and precise proportion. The color used are the lighted sidewalk outside is greenish, red brick house opposite restaurant, the restaurant name is dark brown, white interior wall with a yellow rectangular door. The color are arrange so that the viewer eyes are directed to the to the lonesome diner patrons. The shape I notice are circles, triangle, squares, and rectangles also the shapes are the big part of this piece, the artist focus a lot of attention to the shape details. The lines draws the

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