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er In my essay I am researching the work and life of Edward Hopper. Who was born in New York in 1882. He lived in a village called Greenwich with his parents. Edward Hopper produced some of the most enduringly popular images in American art. Throughout his career, he created quiet, yet riveting pictures of ordinary people and places, which in his hands became dramatic scenes that express a sense of isolation, anomie, and the bittersweet comfort of being alone. His images of New York diners, movie palaces, apartments, and offices reflect urban life in America between the world wars; his light-filled watercolours of the New England coast and its architecture shows the beauty of the region. Edward Hopper was born on the 22nd of July 1882, in a little town called Nyack in the New York State. By the beginning of 1899 he had already decided that when he is older he is going to become an artist. Hoppers mother and father convinced him to start his journey by studying commercial illustration. He joined a school in New York for illustrating, and then in 1900 he moved to the New York school of Art. Edward remained in school for 7 years because he was a ‘slow learner’. During the time that he was in school he undertook some teaching work himself. Edward moved to Paris in October 1906 because he wanted to further his study of art in France. After spending some time in Paris, he visited other places such as: London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels. He went on his journey around Europe in 1909 and 1910, in 1910 Edward visited Spain as well. In 1909, Edward had his first exhibition at the Whitney studio club. Sadly on this occasion none of his work was able to sell. Hopper finally settled in Greenwich Village, and then in 1923 he reunited friends with a fellow student from his old school under chase and Henri her name was Jo Nivison. Edward was forty two and Jo was

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