Edvard Munch Essay

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Edvard Munch Edvard Munch was dealt a difficult hand with the death of his mother as child and his sister as a teenager. These deaths were believed to have left a huge impression on Munch, which was expressed in his artwork. When viewing The Scream one of the first things that you will notice is its linear aspect by his use of repeating lines one after the other and parallel to define his objects and create a kinetic and almost frenzied mood. The swirls add movement and pull you in and around the image while adding a sense of confusion. The very strong, bold diagonal of the railing is the only stable element of the painting, having a grounding effect to the otherwise chaotic surroundings. No matter where your eye first lands on this composition, it immediately is drawn to the central figure. This person appears locked in a state of terror frozen by a fear, real or imagined. It is this central figure that evokes such a reponse from the viewer. The silent scream reverberates within the painting and out to the viewer. The two shadowy figures in the background are somewhat mysterious, are they lurking and frightening the screamer or have they passed by and not even noticed the other person’s terror? Munch uses color quite dramatically in this painting. The vivid blood red of the sky, the yellowish cast to the skeletal face and the dark moody colors of the river add to the emotionalism of this piece. The work expresses the loneliness and awful despair felt by Munch, on realization of the might of the natural world in comparison to a single human being. He is tortured by man's insignificance and haunted by his fettered state of mind. Undulating strokes of paint echo the hollow mouth of the figure, creating an ominous shadow of the cove and the hellish streaks of sky beckoning - from above. The colours are menacing and evocative, creating an air of expectancy in the
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