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Eduvision When television was invented in 1884 no one imagined it becoming a valuable education tool outside of school. PBS was one of the first channels to air educational television. If we were to have all T.V. shows place 20% of their effort into educational concepts, then it would make a great difference. PBS was one of the first channels to air educational television. There are three main benefits to having education in everyday T.V. The three reasons why education incorporated television would be good are: it would be beneficial to everyone, it would provide a fun learning tool, and it would increase television companies popularity. The first reason to have education incorporated in everyday television is that it is beneficial, to not only the viewers but also the people they talk to on a day to day basis. It is a very efficient way to stimulate a healthy conversation. For example, if a student watches television one night and then brings it up to a friend or classmate the next day it will teach the person engaging in the healthy conversation something new. In the process of explaining the information with a friend, the student will also retain the information much better. This is highly effective because a student will learn very well from their peers. Having education go hand in hand with television would stimulate brain function of the viewer and teach their peers new facts as well as increasing communication skills. For example, if Billy is talking to Joe ,then his brain is automatically stimulated. Education in TV would provide a temporary fun learning environment. For example, if Bobby has the choice to read a book about car parts or watch a cartoon with cars, he would most definitely choose the cartoon. The great thing is that the cartoon would teach him about pistons and the radiator without him realizing it. Also if Andre is

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