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My goal when I become an educator is to teach to the best of my abilities. I can see myself in a classroom with about twenty two students. My classroom is a bilingual class. I believe good teaching comes with experience. Yet, I also believe the pointers we learn throughout school can help us manage the classroom. There are several ways I see myself teaching. One way is to have a positive classroom climate. Having a positive classroom climate can make everyone feel safe to express thoughts and opinions and ask questions without fear. Making your students feel comfortable with one another as well as with the teacher gives them a sense of secureness. An idea I see myself doing is posting up pictures of each student with their birthdays on the first day of school. This would give each student the feeling that they know each other already. To make the bilingual students feel comfortable , I would label things around the classroom both in English and Spanish. I believe this is the first step in teaching. We as educators need to have communication between the students in order to understand if they are learning. Another important feature a teacher should have is to have positive expectations from students. The passage that I read on this was that students who are expected more of receive emotional support, teacher effort and demands, questioning and feedback and evaluation. In emotional support a teacher would normally sit the students who are expected more from in front of the classroom. They would give each student more eye contact. The teacher effort and demand would ask more follow up questions towards students and expect more accurate answers. Questioning from the teachers provide more encouragement and prompt perceived high achievers more often. Feedback and evaluation offer perceived high achievers more complete and lengthier feedback and more conceptual

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