Educationally Challanged Essay

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Saprina Stephens Summary and Response Educationally Challanged Mike Roses, “I Just Wanna Be Average”, is a chapter from his book “Lives On The Boundary”. In the story he argues the potential of students who are often neglected and undervalued by teachers and society itself. He speaks of the limit of education or care that the teachers had who taught at this level had. In the first two years at Our Lady of Mercy, Rose was placed mistakenly in the vocational track, or slow classes due to a switch in test results with him and another named Rose. Rose, speaks of the different teachers he had and their way of teaching these “slow” students. Several teachers would use violence to get the students attention, only making the student fear the teachers. “occasionally he would lose control and shake or smack us”, or “he routinely had us grab our ankles and receive a paddle across our butt, doing this would make men of us”. Using violence would make the students fear the teachers. There were also talks of several teachers that worked hard at education, with weekly quizzes to try to give an outline of what the class was about. Making students think, “I Just Wanna Be Average”, and that it was ok to think this. High school is a hard enough transformation to make, but to start at the bottom makes it even harder. Throughout school you will have kids from all different backgrounds, different beliefs, just things different, it is up to you as an individual to embrace that and be your own person. It is also up to you as a student to strive for what you see your potential to become is in spite of the circumstances. It does make a difference in the student if the teacher cares or not. Teacher cares: student cares and may try harder. Teacher does not care: or shows little interest in student: the student will show the same, so the saying “students will float to

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