Educational Standards For Everyone Essay

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in the year two 2014 all children will meet a national educational standard. The no child left behind act of 2001 has been signed into law by President GW Bush. Let's stand and celebrate this inspirational law that provides for the neediest children by providing highly qualified teachers, and mandatory standards. But first, what is no child left behind, and how does it provide for the school districts? Does it provide special scholarships for teachers to become highly qualified? What are the standards for no child left behind? No Child Left Behind is a law that is designed to set guidelines and standards that all school districts and teachers must meet to receive federal funding. It has its roots in the Revolutionary Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, which required states to develop and adopt standards for mathematics and reading (US.GOV). While No Child Left Behind expands on the ideals that the Elementary and Secondary Education Act had, but it has put in place testing to measure school districts ability to meet the national goal by 2014 using scientific research methods. With mandatory testing for all school districts by the 2005-2006 school year for mathematics and reading. These tests have to be developed using scientific methods, ensuring that all assessments are collecting the proper data. The pastor have to be administered once each year for grades three through eight, and at least one between the 10th through 12 grades. These tests must be broken down for each ethnic group, which a school instructs. The starting point for all states is based on the lowest achieving demographic group, and must increase every three years until 2014 when all students should be meeting the national basic standard. There is also a grading system for the schools of pass or fail. This is the report card for our nation's teachers, which is the second major item that

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