Educational Psychology Essay

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Module 1 Essay EDU 313N/ EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY March 17, 2013 The job of the teacher should not be taken lightly given the weight of importance held by educating the next generation. Anyone who has set out to pursue a career in education would do well to learn all they can about the profession. We can learn about every aspect of teacher through a variety of resources. Having these resources available from the outset of becoming a teacher and continuing on into our careers is an integral part of the profession. These resources range from reading about innovative procedures and time-tested methods to direct contact on the front lines of an actual classroom. The resources I have chosen to discuss are derived from firsthand experience. While I do appreciate the hard work that it takes to put together a comprehensive publication that covers every aspect of teaching, I prefer to ask direct questions and get specific answers. To that end, I have a great resource of friends and family who are currently teachers and have been in their field for some time. Although somewhat cynical at times, my cousin has been a great fountain of information for me concerning dealing with budget cuts and a lackluster attitude toward her particular field of a middle school music teacher. When she arrived for her first day of school, she didn’t even have chairs for her students who had to sit on the floor in the music/ overhead projector storage room. At the end of the first grading period, she gave over eighty percent of her class a failing grade. Of course parents and the administration were slightly upset, but were willing to let her finish out her contract for that year. That was over twelve years ago. Today, her chorus group has won many awards and has been asked to sing at multiple events around the surrounding states. The class is now one of the most
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