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Educational problems in the US Money should not be a barrier for a person’s education. Education is not the privilege of people who has money. Education is necessity. To develop the next generation of people who will lead our planet will require well educated students. There are scholarship programs and foundations dedicated to reduce student’s financial problems. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is one of the biggest. It is directed at educational problems in the USA, especially at preparing high school students for college The main educational problem facing America is the failure of public schools to prepare students for college. Only one third of students who graduate from high school are prepared for college.( Gates, Bill) The other two-thirds, mostly low-income and minority students are drop outs or not prepared. The new Manhattan Institute for Policy Research reported that the high school graduation rate is only 70%. (Paulson, Tom) After graduating unprepared students from high school doesn’t go to college or drop out it. (Zeiger, Hans) It was estimated that more than two million qualified students are not able to pay for college. (“Schools must be redesigned for all students to succeed.”) According to the studies, India graduated over one million more students than in the US. Also China has six times more graduates, in engineering. And twice more graduating with the bachelor’s diploma than in U.S.(Zeiger, Hans) As Bill Gates said, “Problem isn’t an accident or a flaw in the system. It is the system.” (Gates, Bill) The US high schools must be altered for students to be prepared. Many people cannot afford for their children to study at good schools. Bill Gates “challenged public officials to find politicians who will undertake significant education reform”. (“Schools must be redesigned for all students to succeed.” ) He also said: “Everyone

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