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RUNNING HEAD-EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION ABSTRACT The principal objective of this paper is to demonstrate the competency difference for nurses prepared at the associate-degree level versus baccalaureate –degree level.Though ,graduates of these both programs qualified to take national licensing exam NCLEX and allowed to practice as RN, there are various differences in educational preparation ,required credits and resulting competencies.The ADN program based mainly in ,on the job training approach ,which focus on clinical skills and task completion, whereas BSN program emphasize knowledge research and nursing theory.Which expose them to good communication skills , critical thinking ,decision making,problem solving etc.On the whole these evidenced –based practice make a nurse more competent and produce better patient outcome. EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION Nursing is a profession, where, trained professionals provide physical and emotional care to the sick and disabled also prompting health and wellbeing in all individuals. As a profession ,It’s very promising field, and demand for registered nurses grows, day by day .Nursing is the nation’s largest health care profession(2008-National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses).So these days, huge number of people opting it as a career .There are three educational pathways to become a Registered Nurse. They are, 3-year diploma program , Associate –degree in Nursing program(ADN) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (BSN).Here we discuss about the differences in competencies between nurses prepared with BSN and nurses prepared with ADN ADN This is a shorter nursing program which takes only 2 years to complete .It’s

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