Educational Philosophy Essay

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February 4th 2011 * Personality Traits in Authoritarian Education 1. Passive 2. Conformists 3. Self-Sacrificing 4. Loyal 5. Obedient * Results: 6. Harsh discipline 7. Role memorization 8. Behaviorism * Education Philosophy 9. Education should transmit culture * Transfer of culture, values, attitudes, beliefs, language, symbols to accommodate future citizens to live within our world * Like depositing funds into a bank ( from teacher to learner); predefined meaning * Passive learner; philosopher king 10. Education should reconstruct culture * Should analyze our world and inspire to change it * Reconstruction is depicted as the activity of students critically & politically conscious of their place in the social world. * Critical consciousness: prerequisite to liberation and the goal of education * Collective critical consciousness: leads socially just society February 7th 2011 * Thomas Jefferson on Democracy & Education 1. Primary source of protection for democracy is the school house; not the white house. 2. Argued that democracy intertwined with capitalism; is fragile because the economic and political aspect of them are so different; Capitalism has wealth and power and may dismantle the democracy. * Amy Guttmann * 2 problems; Authority over what’s worth knowing and control of content 3. The family state -> (common concept of the good life) Plato’s Republic. * homogenization: no diversity of thought. She rejects political education that has rulers determine “what is good” and what should be taught. 4. The state of families-> ( common good defined by the family * Says families do not have the knowledge the good and should not impose

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