Educational Mission Statement

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Educational Mission Statement Paper
University of Phoenix
Developing and Evaluating Educational Programs
Kelly Martin
July 14, 2014

Educational Mission Statement Paper
Mission statements are declarations. Mission statements communicate the purpose, philosophy and goals of an organization. By definition, according to Entrepeneur Web site, (2014) a mission statement defines what an organization is, why it exists and its reason for being. Mission statements clearly state an organizations values, who their customers are and what products or services are offered by the organization. Mission statements are summaries for being. An individual, an organization or a compampany can have a mission statement. Mission statements are not etched in stone and can be revised or ammended as the organization grows or changes.
Some health care organizations have department or specialty philosophies that share the overall mission statement of the organization but go beyond the general mission statement to specifically state what the goals and values of the department or specialty are. For example, many departments of nursing have mission statements that pledge their dedication to quality patient-centered care. Some popular words or phrases that can be found in nursing philosophy or nursing practice statements are: safe care, culturally sensitive care, compassionate care, care provided for respect and dignity for both the patient and their family. Nursing philosophy or nursing practice statements also include statements or phrases that show commitment the professional excellance and standards such as any special accredidations such as Magnet status or nursing practice supported by evidenced-based practice (EBP) which ensures better patient outcomes. Nursing philosophy or nursing practice statements may also elude to state of the art equipment, commitment to regular

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