Education vs Family Education and Family

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Masculine/Feminine: Success, Failure, Gender and Race Education vs Family Education and Family Women’s roles have drastically changed over the past few decades. They have gone from being the idealistic housewives to being powerhouses in corporate America. Since women began entering the work force, there has been a shift in the relationships, where now women bring home most of the “bacon”. According to Stephanie Coontz’s article The M.R.S. and the Ph.D.’s, “one of the dire predictions about educated women is true; today, more of them are “marrying down.” She goes on to say that “there isn’t a shred of evidence that such marriages are less satisfying than marriages in which men have equal or higher education than their wives” (p3). “Today’s women earn almost sixty percent of all bachelor degrees and more than half of master’s and Ph.D.’s. “Many people believe that while this may be good for women as income-earners, it bodes ill for martial prospects (p1). This ill feeling was clearly depicted in Annike Bengzton’s “Prime Time”, where her boyfriend felt that Annike was abandoning her family by choosing her job over attending a prior family engagement. This change did not occur overnight. First there has to be an acknowledgement that there was something wrong in society. Then there were the pioneers that chose to step up to say that change was needed. Those pioneers then had to be willing to face adversaries from not only men, but also from the same women whose freedom they sought. These types of movements may have started in a kitchen between friends but quickly grew to an enormous proportion. So whether in 2013 we chose to be stay at home wives or CEOs, we must always pay homage to those who thought of and fought for us to have a choice. Since women have been given the opportunity to pursue their education rather than a family, more and more women
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