Education Reform Essay

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Education reform is an important issue not only for America but also other countries in the world, since education is the keystone for building up a better society and improving the quality of the living standard. Many reformers are seeking the most suitable policy to educate the next generation and to increase the academic performance. No Child Left Behind is one of the educational policy proposed by the administration of George W. Bush for children in public schools in order to meliorate the educational environment and students’ academic achievement. Apparently, No Child Left Behind provides an ideal educational structure such as reporting academic performance of students and rewarding outstanding student performance. However, reporting academic performance for all students every year cannot improve the academic achievement efficiently because the purpose of education should focus on what students actually learn from schools and how to teach students to digest knowledge and synthesis their own thinking. Some people have argued that reporting academic performance and adequately reward or punish schools by giving educational budges are able to push instructors and students to work as best as they can. They believe it is a good method to encourage people to work harder. Besides, the government is able to easily monitor the outcome of education reform by annual academic performance reports in order to adjust flaws in this educational plan. Moreover, some people deem that education reform is a long-term process, therefore, we cannot dispute the efficiency of education reform now, instead we should keep observing the change for a longer time, since keep changing education policy may confuse students, teachers and parents. As a consequence, the government will lose people’s trust of education. No one can deny that education reform should be urged to improve, since the

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