Education Is the Key to Success Essay

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Education is the knowledge, skill and understanding that you get from attending school, college, or university. Nowadays, education is very important to us and in our society because we apply everything we learn from our school in our daily lives such as when we buy the thing we want or need we use math to add, subtract, multiply, or divide our money to know the amount or how much we need, we also use everything we learn on English like grammar, sentence construction, use of right words when we communicate through people around us, etc.. However there are still many people in the Philippines who are uneducated. These are the people who are in poverty. Where they can’t afford to go to school and to buy the things needed for learning. That is why education should be accessible and affordable to everyone for the benefit of our society to progress well. Poverty is the reason why some students can’t finish or even go to school. Although basic education is provided free, essential needs such as food, shelter, clothing plus transportation and other incremental expenses in schools made the amount unaffordable for many students. The second reason why some students cannot finish school is the accessibility of schools. This means that the students, most especially in province, cannot afford to pay their transportation just to go to school, and most of the student lives far away from their school. The location of the school to their house and the cost of their transportations they have to pay everyday greatly affect their interest in education. The third reason why children can’t finish school is because according to the study of Dr. Renato G. Mabunga during 2011 the government has lack of budget allocating to construct building and classrooms. This means that the government doesn’t have enough budget to renovate classroom and school
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