Education Is Everything Essay

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Decker 1 Education is Everything Ever since I was little I always enjoyed school. I enjoyed school because it was fun and I got to see my friends. At school I’m safe. You had adults on your side helping you out and doing their best to keep you out of trouble. They taught me all sorts of things for free. I got to learn things that made me smarter. Some of which I may not use when I’m older, but throughout several years of school, I have realized the importance of education. Education is vital for achieving your goals and succeeding in life. I have constituted my own definition of what education is. Education to me is not just what you learn from school although that is the most of it. It also means the things you learn out of school. Did school teach you how to ride a bike or swim, help you decide what car you purchased, and what job you chose? Out of school there is still much to be learned. These things may seem as common sense to most people, but to others it’s a struggle. Some people don’t know how to buy a car or take care of one. That is something you might learn in college or on your own at home. This is why education out of school is just as important or more to education in school. Decker 2 What you learn in and out of school in your lifetime makes you powerful. Not powerful in the sense that you can break walls like the Hulk, but with the power to understand. To understand how things happen and why they do. Understand why things are the way they are. The more educated you are; you can comprehend events quickly and understand the effects they will bring and come to conclusions with them. It’s obvious why we are required to go to school and it would be ridiculous if you thought it wasn’t necessary. Teachers, professors and such understand the importance just as me. This is why they are so strict when it comes to cheating. In “Cutting and Pasting: A
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