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Research paper Education in Egypt This paper will be focused on the topic of Education in Egypt. Ever wonder how the education system is in Egypt, and how it compares to that of other nations? Well here is the opportunity to find out. Education plays a very important role in the Egyptian society, and there are several factors that contribute to that. Among some of the aspects that will be discussed are, the education system structure and its comparison to the U.S, the types of schools, basic and secondary education facts, higher education facts, types of schooling available, education problems in relation to the community and improvements. This first paragraph will be focused on the hierarchy of Egyptian education. The hierarchy actually is not designed that much differently from that of the United States. The structure is very similar with only some slight variations. There is the starting point at nursery schools and kindergarten, then a six year elementary school, a six year preparatory school (equivalent to our middle schools), three years of secondary (high school), and finally four years of college education. “The new school system begins with a pre-school stage of nurseries and kindergartens, a six-year primary stage, a three year preparatory, a three year secondary, and a four year university stage covering altogether 16 years of education beginning at the age of six and terminating at 22.” The similarities are clearly visible here, even as far as the ages that a student begins and finishes school. The only minor differences is that their primary school goes up to grade six with most in America ending by grade five and grade six being considered middle school. Also, another notable difference is that in the secondary schools, they have a separate path of classes for boys and girls where-as in the U.S. the path is the same regardless of gender. “The

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