Education in America Essay

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A formal education has certain intrinsic, undeniable advantages in American society and, in fact, the world. The filling of one’s mind with facts can be a nourishing experience, though we are more than a collection of synapses and nerve-endings. Many children attend school because they are told to, out of a sense of necessity or expectation, or to attain the fundamentals of education, but do not find the experience particularly inspiring. “Stifle (verb)” means “ cut withhold from circulation or expression” (“Stifle”). Children unfairly denied equal access to quality teachers, quality programs and resources are by definition, stifled, cut-off from opportunity, limited in avenues of expression. All students, without regard to gender, zip code, or complexion, must be encouraged to explore new ideas and challenge old ones in an environment rooted in the principles of and conducive to personal exploration and individual growth. Many look beyond the classroom for the nourishment they require; the balance owed by a flawed educational system. Steve Jobs, the biological son of a Syrian graduate student father and an American mother, was born in San Francisco in 1955. Adopted by a loving couple from Mountain View, California, he went on to become the icon that we recognize as the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. and, among other noteworthy credentials, the largest individual shareholder of the Walt Disney Company. Based on these accomplishments, one might assume that Jobs is the product of an impassioned education. In fact, Steve Jobs dropped-out of Reed College in Portland Oregon after only one semester. Shortly after leaving school and accepting a position as a technician at Atari, he “...backpacked around search of philosophical enlightenment” (“Steve”). Two years later, Jobs and Stephen Wozniak founded Apple which is,

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