Education for Women Essay

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It is common to see a scene that a woman cooks and cleans the house as the crying of the children in a old movie when men work and drink outside. In other words, in the past, women were supposed to manage the household affairs at home instead of socializing because their social status are lower than men and they are weaker in physiology. The issue of the discrimination on women has been debated many years and until now there are still some people think the education is not that important for women. However, I do not agree with it. As time has progressed, people pay more and more attention on the discrimination of women. There are many organizations protecting women’s right and dignity declare that it should not be discrimination on genders. Both of two genders should be treated equally. Education is important for everyone because it is the way to know the world and get the knowledges. For women, rather than being the housewife, they also got to know how to live without men, build confidence and support themselves. Furthermore, the reason why women in the past was obedient is that they did not have the knowledges on law. As a result, they have no idea what should their life be and how to go against for their dignity. Whereas, as being educated, they realize that they have the right to be treated fairly and enjoy the joy of knowledges which are given by education. In a word, the education awakens women from the nightmare of being discriminated and make them aware. The education for women also promotes the economic development. In the past, only men worked in variety of trades. Because of the difference of physiological structures between male and female, their preference is different in field. For example, women are more careful than men so they may look after the patient with great care or they can analyze the datas accurately. As a result, women can do a

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