Education for Future Economy and Leadership

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Education for future economy and leadership Education is a means of empowering people as well as increasing their skills, and developing other modern concepts for making their life easier. The main goal of Education is to make a Learning Society. Learning society contains a balanced condition of culture, ethics and values, life style, environment and other human-made systems so that people can live better without hampering environmental systems as well as making a better place for future generation. So, Learning societies also have a good condition of economy. Ensuring learning society we have to focus on Education which heals all the other factors. What is Education We can define education from several perspectives. For example, in general sense Education is the positive and nearly permanent change of human behaviour. Education does not mean learning; it covers a vast area that is called Discipline. A discipline means a broad subject area. Like other subjects Education is also discipline. Because: 1) Presence of own subject area and subjects specialists 2) It has link with other subjects 3) In Education, several researches are being done like other disciplines. Several concepts are very close to Education like learning, memorizing, training, teaching and so on and they are different from one another. Education in relationship with Economy An economy is also known as economic system. It stands on the base of an Education System. Ensuring proper growth of economy needs a suitable manpower. They are trained definitely in an education system specialized for Economics, Commerce and so on. This system is taught in universities; also in schools and colleges. Those countries have a good economic system definitely have a better education system. Because education system contains purpose, aims, goals and objectives for certain areas. So, future economic systems are
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