Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 (Public Law 94-142)

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This law was one that every parent of a handicapped child was waiting for. It was a huge deal to everyone. This law was giving children with disabilities rights to the American lexicon, also known as FAPE. FAPE stands for “ free appropriate public education”. Which just means that all handicapped children have a right to the right education with no extra charge to them. This was a huge deal to parents and teachers. If the school that the child was closest to didn’t have the proper teachers or sources they would send the child to a school that did. That would include free transportation, and it also wouldn’t cost them anything for the special teachers that were needed. This law proscribes three fundamental objectives. The first objective outlines procedures for the identification and evaluation of handicapped children. When teachers could see that a child was having a hard time learning or doing certain things there were more types of test to identify the problems, and it was no extra cost to the parents. The second objective requires that children with handicaps be educated with their non-handicapped peers to the maximum extent possible in the Least Restrictive Environment, commonly referred to as LRE. They wanted to make sure that all the children still felt the same, and that everyone still looked at them the same. None of the other students would know of their disabilities or would be called out for being different. The teachers were to make sure that they felt just like the other students. The teachers were never to out that the children were to receive special treatment. It was always supposed to be very confidential. Being someone who had an IEP all through 2nd grade all the way till graduating, I know how much it means to keep it between you and the teacher. I am like any other person, just takes me a little bit more time to understand and completely learn how

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