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Education Essay Throughout history, colleges have tried to bring some type of diversity in their school. In the past, colleges encouraged women to go to college and as time passes by, colleges try to bring racial diversity. Having all these types of diversities makes the school interesting to other students. Schools use diversity to convince students to come to their school. When students apply, they don’t realize that some colleges look at their race. Their race could be the key reason to be accepted into the college. Along with race, gender and economic status are usually checked in an admission decision. Colleges want to make their schools desirable by using race, gender and economic status. Using these factors in college admission is a great way to bring diversity into the school and bring together cultures. In some college admissions, race is a factor to it. Colleges are trying to have cultural differences (variety of races). Most colleges want to give students a change by accepting different races. There are races that had faced difficulties trying to get into college. According to Mike Thompson’s “Daniel Lives on Detroit’s Eastside” comic, Daniel faces some hardships before going into college. Daniel witness violence, lives on Detroit’s Eastside, avoids drugs, resists gangs, withstands poverty, suffers racism, overcomes substandard school by studying hard and gets into college with a little help from affirmative action. Daniel has worked really hard to get good grades and he was “above the influence” and was able to get into college. Daniel is an African American, which is a race that doesn’t have impressive academics but got in because of affirmative action. Daniel was able to work really hard to get into the college he wanted to attend. However a woman is complaining, stating that Daniel gets all the breaks. This is not true Daniel does not get all the

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