Education And Success Essay

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Education can be defined as, the training by which people learn to develop and use their mental, and physical powers. It is the art of such training, a process of gaining experience, and improving while at the same time enjoying. Education will provide us the best, fruitful things; moral abilities and ideas which we could use someday in our lives. Even psychological, physical, mental, and sociological acts and learning could be absorbed through, good, high quality, especially enjoyable education. Education is the greatest power that will be given to us small superheroes, to do things well. It is the best thing we can use in making great ideas and performing, which could lead us to success. Education may be is the key to success, but how come those less educated or even uneducated shoemakers, garbage collectors, newspaper boys and a lot more, became millionaire? It’s just that in this human race, everything is not a battle of learning and skills, but a battle of wills. There is a man whom everyone knew, who spent his younger years selling “pandesal” just to survive in a day. But now, he’s already known as the 7th World Time Boxing Champion, and one of the richest persons among the richest. Manny Pacquaio didn’t even finish his schooling but is now the Congressman of Sarangani Province, also a successful businessman. Maybe we could really find ways to be successful without proper, high quality, and formal education. But, did you ever think that as Manny Pacquiao is training for boxing, that’s already an education? “Training“is also a process of gaining knowledge and experience; so, also an education, it’s just that he was educated another way. In this world, education is the only thing cannot be remove or stolen from us through our whole life. And so now, are you still going to just play outside with friends or go to school, get educated and
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