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Education Achievement Cloass Essay

  • Submitted by: riyazAWK
  • on February 16, 2013
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Douglas is one sociologist in particular who would tend to agree with the generalisation that working-class underachievement in education is the result of home circumstances and family background. Douglas feels that this educational underachievement is maintained due to what he classifies as ‘poor’ parental attitudes and encouragement towards the education system and its functions. He use’s evidence of poor parental interest with regards to lack of attendance at parent teacher meetings and other functions held by the school which would be in the best interests of the children if their parents attended.   He highlights the fact that parents of working-class students have poor rates of attendance at these meetings and thus it comes across as if they are less interested in their child’s educational experiences and opportunities compared to a middle-class child’s parents who do attend. However some would say that Douglas’ view is rather controversial in that he fails to recognise that many of these parents could be at work when these meetings are scheduled or perhaps they are looking after children and are unable to find or afford someone to look after them. So can we really say that working class underachievement is a result of home circumstances and family background as sociologists such as Douglas suggest?
  Newson and Newson would also agree with the statement that working-class underachievement in education is the result of home circumstances and family background. Through their study of child-rearing practices, they found that parental skills found within working-class families were poor in comparison with those that were evident within middle-class families were child-centeredness is apparent. They found that middle-class parents got more involved in learning through play, monitoring educational progress and encouragement through visits to the library, museums and galleries etc. They believe that this places middle-class kids at an advantage when it comes...

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