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“Social Innovation for the New Age India”. Innovating to improve and benchmark Education system in India Abstract When we talk about social changes, one of the things we need to keep in mind is the Bhagat Singh syndrome. Let me explain what bhagat singh syndrome is - It states that all of us like Bhagat Singh, but wont like one to be born in our family.. (desh main bhagat singh paida ho par mere ghar main na ho). We like and support Kejriwal for his courage to come out in the open but will slap our son if he thinks of doing anything apart from becoming a software engineer. Let me ask you a million dollar question ?? How many of us support and encourage our kids to visit places where they can make an impact and do good to the society. The impact is more when we take our kids out of the classroom and urge them to ask themselves, how can they make a difference in the life of a rickshaw wallah. Can they teach his kids in their spare time? I strongly believe that you cannot change the system sitting indoors, be it a cubicle or a classroom or parliament. You have to step outside in the field. And same goes with the kids. Let us make sure that they do not feel awkward while hugging a chai wallah. We need to teach them empathy not sympathy, and they will not learn it by reading a chapter on gandhi, they will instead be more responsive by spending time with the bottom of the pyramid. And this does not happen by once in a month field trip to some slum, it will happen when schools also start teaching these kids in extra hours and allowing the regular kids to interact with them, give them the responsibility of other kids, and empower them. They way we will bring the much needed change required in the system. The statements that you hear these days are not a bit surprising when you listen to rhetoric of many people these days .Lack of empathy and selfishness
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