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Should education be a subject we race through? Making our teachers liable for how well their students perform is a good thing. However, going about it the way the Race to the Top program has lined out will hinder our teacher, which in turn will hurt our children. Forcing schools to close and firing teachers is not the way to make our education system better. In schools that do not meet the standards set in the Race to the Top program, it is possible that half or all the staff, including the principal could lose their jobs (Diane Ravitch, 2011). The race to the top program sets requirements that will ultimately take away from other subjects. The students in schools the taking part in Race to the Top could face less time for many other subjects even physical education (Diane Ravitch, 2011). Having such strict requirements will make the already hard job of being a teacher even harder and will surely affect the quality of teaching itself. Teachers will lose the passion they once had for teaching, and their students will suffer for it. In Ohio, two schools districts are followed. Huber Heights chose to join the program while Brookville chose not to. Huber Heights will receive at least $605,000 (Sean Cavanagh, 2011). Accepting the incentive will also mean the district will not qualify for other federal aid money. Not only will they not get federal aid, but it is likely that the money they receive from Race to the Top will not last until the program ends. This will leave the schools on their own financially to meet the harsh requirements. Brookville school district having chosen not to join the program will not receive any funding from Race to the Top. They will still be able to receive another federal aid, however. By choosing not to participate they will now be able to continue working on the updates they already had in place, but they will be able to do it
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